Resolution will allow the village to locate and eventually replace service lines that pose a threat to Hazel Crest’s water quality

HAZEL CREST – On October 13, 2020, the Hazel Crest Board of Trustees unanimously passed a resolution that calls for determining the location and eventual removal of lead service lines within Hazel Crest. To accomplish this, the Village will conduct a thorough assessment of all service lines using probability tools refined by visual verification from residents to create an inventory of likely lead service line locations.

In addition to this survey, the Village will create a lead service line replacement plan that will outline a replacement schedule, expected costs of full replacement, cost-savings recommendations, and levels of prioritization for replacing lead service lines for vulnerable communities. The resolution also calls for this plan to create a financial assistance program to ensure low-income households can participate.

Through proper water supply management from Hazel Crest’s Department of Public Works, the Village has always maintained a clean and reliable water supply for all residents. Even though there is no evidence of lead pollution in Hazel Crest’s water, the Village is taking proactive steps to guarantee a safe water supply for years to come.

“This resolution is an important reminder of Hazel Crest’s commitment to protecting the health and wellbeing of all our residents,” said Village Manager Dante Sawyer. “This plan will give us even more tools to further our community’s resilience through a clean water supply. Ultimately, we are excited about the opportunities this will give the Village and its residents to leverage future funding opportunities and create an equitable transition away from lead service lines.”

The Chicago-based nonpartisan, nonprofit organizations Metropolitan Planning Council (MPC) and Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT) have provided the Village unparalleled technical assistance throughout the development of Hazel Crest’s lead service line program. Their continued support helped the Village pass this resolution, and will allow the Village to develop new educational materials and create an inventory of where lead sevice lines exist in our community.

Visual confirmation is the most effective way to determine the material of a water service line. Because of that, the Village of Hazel Crest is also asking for assistance from Hazel Crest residents. To help, simply take a clear picture of the service line pipe connected to your water meter. Often, it is located in the basement at the front of your house. Once done, please send your picture to

“Some 686,000 lead service lines exist in communities across Illinois, and Hazel Crest is at the head of the pack by resolving to identify and remove its lead service lines,” said MPC Associate Justin Keller. “We look forward to continuing to support Hazel Crest’s and other communities’ local efforts even as we advocate for a statewide plan and funding solution to eliminate lead service lines statewide.” 

“Hazel Crest leadership and staff should be commended for taking proactive steps to better understand the prevalence and address the presence of lead service lines in their community. The Village has been a fantastic partner in finding, collecting, and sharing data to support CNT’s development of a preliminary lead service line inventory using predictive analytics. We hope Hazel Crest’s commitment to using data to drive decision-making serves as a model for other South Suburban communities”


Hazel Crest Lead Press Release – Final