There will be three in person meetings for each zone. All are welcome to attend, but this is primarily being held for the benefit of those who are unable to attend the regularly scheduled (virtual) ZOOM meetings.


  • Zone 1 meeting will be held at The Family Center 16901 Dixie Hwy (Fire 1) on 21 June at 1600 (4:00pm)

Zone 1 consists of: Hazel Crest Proper Subdivision or any houses east of the overpass


  • Zone 2 meeting will be held at The Hazel Crest Police Department 3000 West 170th Place on 22 June at 1600 (4:00pm)

Zone 2 consists of: Subdivisions – Pot. Hills/ Twin Creeks, Highland, Appletree or all houses north of 175th Street


  • Zone 3 meeting will be held at The Village Hall in the training room at 3601 West 183rd Street 23 June at 1600 (4:00pm)

Zone 3 consists of: Subdivisions – Chateau, Village West, Dynasty Lake, Stone Bridge, Carriage Hills and Pacesetter