Resident Responsibilities

GENERAL HOME AND YARD MAINTENANCEResidents are expected to maintain private property by keeping lawns and parkways mowed, trees trimmed, homes and garages neatly painted, and electrical and plumbing systems in working order. Weeds and grass must not exceed eight inches in height. Homes with grass taller than eight inches will be ticketed.
PARKINGMotorists may not park on or block a sidewalk at any time. No vehicle, including RV’s, boats, or trailers, may be parked on grass or on any other unpaved surface. Non-operating vehicles may not be left on Village streets or in driveways. Owners of inoperable or abandoned vehicles are subject to issuance of warnings, citations, towing, and in some cases, arrest, based on existing Village ordinances.
BUILDING AND HOME BUSINESS PERMITSResidents should check with the Department of Fire, Rescue, and Inspection Services before making any home additions, garages, patios, fences, or other structural additions or alterations. The Village staff will help assure that your project is done correctly the first time so that your property will be an asset to you and your community. Home businesses may not operate in the Village without a business permit.
SNOW REMOVALThe Public Works Department proudly maintains an excellent record for snow removal. Village ordinance states that it is unlawful to park on streets after 2" or more snow has fallen until snow removal is completed on all streets in Hazel Crest except in Hazel Crest Proper. Some Hazel Crest Proper streets are controlled by an odd/even parking ban which is affect at least two consecutive days or until snow removal is complete. Posted signs contain snow removal information; residents who are unclear about the regulations may call the Municipal Center at 335-9600 for more information. With no exceptions, vehicles which inhibit snow removal will be ticketed.
HOW TO KEEP YOUR DRIVEWAY CLEARTo reduce the amount of snow that might block your driveway, shovel an open area along the shoulder at the entrance. Plow blades will then push snow into the area just before your driveway, leaving a much smaller amount in front of it.
CONTRACTOR REGISTRATIONAll building contractors doing business within the Village are required to register. A resident wishing to hire a contractor should check with the Department to ensure that the contractor is registered and reputable.
HOME SALE AND RENTAL INSPECTIONSTo safeguard the values of all properties, the Village requires pre-closing inspections on the sale of all residential and commercial properties. The inspection will be conducted by the Department of Fire Rescue & Inspectional Services.
VEHICLE STICKERSEvery vehicle which is registered to an address in the Village of Hazel Crest must have a current Village vehicle sticker. Stickers go on sale on December 1 and must be displayed by January 31. New residents must display Hazel Crest stickers within 30 days after moving to the community. Stickers are to be placed on the lower passenger side front windshield; all stickers from other communities or previous years must be removed. Officers can write vehicle sticker citations on private as well as public property.
MAILBOXES AND RECREATIONAL EQUIPMENTBefore placing mailboxes or other structures on the parkway, approval must be received by the Public Works Department at 335-9600. Basketball hoops and other types of recreational equipment are not allowed in the required front or side yards. Contact the Department of Fire Rescue & Inspectional Services for regulations about requirements for this type of equipment.
VILLAGE COURT SYSTEMTraffic tickets involving standing or parked vehicles are adjudicated through the Village court which meets at 9:00 a.m. on the third Saturday of each month.
ANIMAL REGULATIONSLicense tags are required and are renewed May 1 of each year. Tags will be issued only upon a veterinarian’s proof of inoculation. There is a limit of two pets per household. In order to facilitate residents’ enjoyment of parks and walkways, Village ordinance requires that animal owners clean up after their pets if exercising them outside their own property.
REFUSE COLLECTIONBy ordinance, each home must have garbage removal service. Containers must have tight-fitting lids and be kept in the rear of the house until at least 7:00 p.m. on the evenings before collection. Please help keep the Village free of litter by being conscientious about refuse disposal. Click here to visit the Village's waste hauler's page
ALARM PERMITSAll security/fire alarm systems operating within the Village are required to have an annual alarm permit. Applications are available at Fire Station #2.
BURNINGOutdoor burning of any kind is not permitted within the Village.
WATERING RESTRICTIONSBetween May 15 and September 15, an odd/even watering ban is in effect.