Growth Driver #3:  The Infrastructure to Sustain Your Business

The history of Chicago and the south suburbs is literally built on high quality transportation assets.   With lakes/rivers/canal shipping giving way to train and then Interstate shipping, the modern network of intermodal logistics in the United States has been and continues to be centered in the Chicago region.  Not surprisingly, greater Chicago is #1 in the nation in terms of having the most transportation, distribution and logistics firms in the U.S. (per the Chicago Tribune, September 2023)

At the “center of the center” is Hazel Crest, where I-57, I-94, I-294/80 + rail + the global leaders in logistics converge. 

hc overview

Beyond the amazing state and regional infrastructure investments, the Village has stepped up to modernize and invest in local infrastructure.  Recent investments include the following four examples:

1.  Complete Streets/Road Resurfacing Project
Description:  Major road resurfacing project to include "Complete Streets" component to improve pedestrian safety, ADA enhancements, and curb repairs.  Also covers storm water management investments.
Location:  xxxxxxx
Investment:  $555,000
Year:  20xx

2.  Metra Station renovation
Description:   New street-level train depot with vendor space, a commuter waiting area and restrooms.  Warming station renovated.
Location:  170th @ Park Avenue
Investment:  $3,500,000
Year:  2020

3.  Lead Service Line Replacement/Water Meter Replacement
Description:  Replacement of over 1,000 obsolete lead service lines connecting municipal water mains to Village residences.
Location:  Village-wide
Investment:  $4,000,000 
Year: 2023-2025

4.  New 175th Street Park 
Description:   New municipal park featuring a new picnic shelter, baggo court, outdoor fitness equipment, and a soccer / multi-purpose playing area for the community.
Location:    2905 W. 175th Street
Investment:  $396,000 (90% funded by Illinois grant)
Year:  2021