Hazel Crest Fire - Resue

Mission Statement

It is the
mission of the Hazel Crest Fire Rescue Department to protect the lives and property of the citizens and visitors of Hazel Crest from disasters both natural and man-made, with compassion, motivation, teamwork, commitment, quality emergency medical and fire protection services, and the delivery of meaningful fire prevention and public education programs.

Vision Statement

It is the vision of the Hazel Crest Fire Rescue Department, to provide service to its stakeholders in a manner that is unparalleled in public service in a cost-effective manner that exceeds expectations, and to be the benchmark by which all service delivery agencies measure themselves and their progress. We shall accomplish this by continuously investing in our personnel, creating significant partnerships, evaluating our impact in the community, and adapting to the needs of our stakeholders.

Core Values

Courage, Honor, Teamwork, Integrity, Commitment, Quality to Duty, Dedication, Trustworthy, Accountability, Professionalism, Diversity. HCFD - Customer-Focused & Mission-Ready

Within the Village of Hazel Crest, The Department of Fire and Rescue Services provides a large number of services to the residents of the Village as well as the persons who visit our community. These services impact the quality of life within the Village and include fire suppression, emergency medical services, business inspections, fire prevention programs, public education programs and in-service training. This organization provides all of these services with the efforts of our committed employees.

The department must continue to recruit diverse candidates to become full time employees to continue the level of services the residents have come to expect. Hazel Crest has a reputation as a leader, and we want the caliber of the personnel on the department to be the reason for that recognition. As always, this include providing the best services for all the residents in a manner consistent with proper techniques and care.

The Department of Fire and Rescue Services is charged with the responsibility of saving lives and protecting property, along with other equally important issues. Each day, we strive to meet this obligation through training and providing excellent service to those we serve and protect.

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Fire Department Weekly Report