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Employment Opportunities - Village Employee Employment Application

Until Filled

Police Department - Records Clerk (Full-time & Part-time)

Performs a variety of routine clerical, secretarial, and administrative work in support of law enforcement activities. (Several open positions) Read More
Jun 6, 2024 Until Filled

Inspectional Services Department - Code Enforcement Inspector (Full-time)

The Code Enforcement Inspector is responsible for the inspection and enforcement of Village codes. (One open position) Read More
Jun 6, 2024 Until Filled

Department of Public Works - Assistant Director of Public Works (Full-time)

Performs a variety of supervisory, administrative, skilled, technical, and maintenance work. (One open position) Read More
Jun 6, 2024 Until Filled

Fire Department - Deputy Fire Chief (Full-Time)

In the command position, responds to fire alarms, medical emergencies, and other calls to protect life and property.  (One open position) Read More
Jun 7, 2024 Jul 23, 2024

Department of Public Works - Director of Public Works (Full-time)

Supervisory, administrative, analytical, and professional work in planning, organizing, directing, and supervising the Public Works Department. Read More
Jun 17, 2024 Until Filled