Where do I get my vehicle sticker?

Vehicle stickers are sold at the front desk at the municipal center and are valid for one year and expire every January 31. The cost of the sticker depends on the type of vehicle. Any one with questions can contact the Village at 335-9600 ext. 100.

How do I reserve a pavilion or any other space at a park in Hazel Crest?

Contact the Hazel Crest Park District at 335-1500.

The streetlight by my house is out, who do I call?

If the streetlight is on a metal pole, residents can contact the Public Works Department at 335-9600 ext. 200 with the location of the pole and the pole number, if possible. If the light is on a wooden pole residents can contact ComEd with the location of the light.

I just moved into Hazel Crest, how do I sign up for water service?

New residents must go to the Municipal Center to sign up for water. New home buyers must bring in their mortgage papers and a valid photo ID. Renters must bring in a signed copy of their lease agreement and a valid ID. Also, all rental properties must have a $300 water deposit before the water is turned on.

Do I need a permit to do work on my sanitary sewer line?

First of all the contractor doing the work must be registered with the building department. Secondly, if the contractor will be doing any digging in the yard so he can perform the work; either the contractor or the resident must obtain a sewer permit from the Public Works Department at a cost of $35 and have an inspection performed before the hole is filled.

My sanitary sewer is backing up, should I call a plumber immediately?

In the event of a back up, residents are encouraged to contact the Public Works Department immediately at 335-9600 ext 200 to have the Village main checked. If the back up occurs outside normal business hours, residents can contact the non-emergency number for the Police Department at 335-9640.

I don't have hot water, who do I call?

The Village of Hazel Crest does not supply residents with hot water. Each home has a hot water tank that supplies the home with hot water. If there is no hot water in the home, residents must check their tank and if necessary contact a plumber to fix the tank.

What are the water rates?

Residents can contact the water department at 335-9600 ext. 120 for information about the water rates.

Why is my water bill so high?

A high water bill can be caused by several things. Typically, a higher than normal bill is caused by leaks in the pipes of plumbing fixtures. Residents can have a technician come out and check for leaks by contacting the water department at 335-9600 ext. 120.

I have a water leak, what do I do?

If the water meter is leaking contact the Water Department at 335-9600 ext. 120 and the technician will be sent out to either repair or replace the meter. If the leak is from a pipe inside the home or part of the water line outside the home and not from the b-box in the parkway the homeowner is responsible to contact a plumber and have the leak fixed at his or her expense.

I need my water shut off for plumbing repairs, can I get immediate service from the Public Works Deptment?

All water shut offs are performed by the Water Department and require 48 hour notice. They can be reached at 335-9600 ext. 120. In an emergency, the water will be shut off as soon as possible.

If someone comes to my door and claims to be a Village employee, how can I verify it?

Village employees wear Village uniforms and carry photo identification cards. Ask to see the ID of anyone claiming to be a Village employee. If you have any questions about the authenticity of someone’s Village identification, call Public Works at 335-9600 ext. 200 or the Police Department at 335-9640 for verification.

Before I install a fence, porch, deck, or pool, etc., what precautions should I take for underground pipes and wires?

Residents must contact J.U.L.I.E. (Joint Utility Locate Information for Excavators) at 800-892-0123 or 811 to request underground gas, electric, telephone, and cable locates. A 48 hour notice is required for locates.

I have a dead animal in my yard; will the Village send someone to remove it?

Due to insurance liability, Village employees cannot pick up dead animals on private property. Residents can put the dead animal in a plastic bag and dispose of it in the garbage container.

Who do I call to remove a dead animal on public property in the Village?

Residents can contact the Public Works Department at 335-9600 ext 200 to have a dead animal on public property removed.

Does the Village of Hazel Crest provide garbage pick up?

Garbage pick up is not performed by the Village of Hazel Crest. Pick up is performed by Homewood Disposal Service, a licensed, private scavenger firm, located at 1501 175th Street, Homewood. Their phone number is 798-1004.

If the Village does work in my parkway, will they restore the area immediately?

Restoration will not be performed immediately. The Department keeps a list of all areas that need restoration work and it will be performed after the area has had time to settle. All restoration depends on weather conditions.

Will the Village trim or remove a tree that is on private property?

The Village will not go onto private property to trim or remove any trees.

How can I have my parkway tree removed?

Residents can have their parkway tree removed by filling out the tree removal for located on the Public Works page on the website or pick one up at the front desk at the Municipal Center. Trees will only be removed if they are dead, diseased, or dying.

Who is responsible to trim the parkway trees?

The parkway trees are trimmed by the Public Works Department. If a resident wishes to have a parkway tree trimmed he or she can fill out the tree trim form on the website located on the Public Works page or pick one up at the front desk at the Municipal Center.

Can I water my lawn at any time?

No, from May 15 through September 15 the Village of Hazel Crest implements an odd/even watering ban. During that time period residents can water between 7 and 11 am and 7 and 11 pm only. However, the Village of Hazel Crest reserves the right to ban watering completely during warm, dry periods.

Where can I purchase the green yard waste stickers?

Residents can obtain the stickers at several locations and the office of Homewood Disposal. Residents can also contact Homewood Disposal at 798-1004 with any questions and for a complete list of locations.

I have bagged yard waste/leaves, what do I do with it?

The Public Works Department does not pick up bagged yard waste/leaves. However, residents can bring the bags to the compost facility for drop off Wednesdays from 1-7, and Saturdays and Sundays from 10-4 after it reopens in Spring. Homewood disposal will pick up the brown paper yard waste bags on the same day as garbage pick up as long as the bags have the green yard waste stickers on them. Do not rake leaves into the street for removal. Residents will be issued a ticket because it violates Village ordinance and is a hazard for all vehicle traffic.

Will the Village trim or remove a tree that is on private property?

Residents can put tree branches out for pick up on the date designated for their area and the Public Works Department will pick them up. Residents can obtain their branch pick up date by going to the Public Works page on the website or contacting the Public Works Department at 335-9600 ext. 200. Please be aware that this program is for trimmings and fallen branches and not for removal of entire trees. Also, Homewood Disposal will pick up tree branches that are tied up and have the green yard waste sticker on them.

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