Lead Service Line Inventory Project

The Village of Hazel Crest is committed to providing clean, safe water for all residents.

That's why Hazel Crest is working to identify the location of lead service lines, which bring water from the village's water main to your home.

In the State of Illinois, water samples are routinely collected and tested to ensure that lead and copper levels are below the regulated standard. Although Hazel Crest is currently in compliance with state water quality requirements, the village is taking proactive steps to identify the location of lead service lines.


Here's what we're doing to eliminate the risk of lead in the drinking water:

  • We partnered with the Metropolitan Planning Council (MPC) to take action on lead in drinking water.
  • Throughout 2020, village staff worked with MPC to develop an inventory of properties that likely have lead service lines. In order to accomplish this, the inventory was assembled using historical records, age of construction, building inspections, and more.
  • Using this inventory, we developed a plan and explored federal, state, and local funding options to replace lead service lines over time to remove the risk of lead exposure.
  • We will continue to provide educational materials to empower residents to take action on ensuring their drinking water at home is of the highest quality.

Click here For more information on this project, or contact the Village Manager's Office at (708) 335-9600.


You can help us!

The Village of Hazel Crest is working to verify the results of the water service line inventory by visual inspection, and we need your help:

  • Please take a good quality photo of your water service line and email it to Hazel Crest Public Works at PublicWorks@villageofhazelcrest.com
  • The water service line comes into your residence from the outside and connects to the water meter. Your water meter is typically located in the basement near the front of your home or near the hot water tank.
  • Be sure to include your address with the photo.
  • If you are not able to identify your water water service line, please contact Public Works by calling (708) 335-9600 ext. 200.


What are the sources of lead in drinking water?

The water delivered to your home does not contain lead. Lead found in the water tap usually comes from lead-based pipes, fixtures composed of an unsafe percentage of lead, or from leaded solder used to connect water pipes.


Why is lead exposure harmful? 

There is NO safe level of lead exposure. Lead poisoning is particularly harmful to children aged 6 and under who can suffer from decreased IQ, hyperactivity, hearing problems, stunted growth, and learning disabilities. Accordingly, pregnant women and nursing mothers should also avoid lead exposure. In adults, lead can increase the risk of heart attack, high blood pressure, kidney failure, and cause reproductive problems for both men and women.


How can I protect myself?

If you have - or think you have - lead pipes, fixtures or solder:

  • When your home's water has not been used for several hours or more, turn on cold water to flush the stagnant water out of your pipes before drinking and/or cooking with it.
    • The exact time to flush your pipes will vary based on whether you have a lead service line and the length of the line, but a common recommendation is to allow cold water to run for at least five minutes.
  • Boiling water does not remove lead.
  • Use a water filter for the water that you drink or use for cooking. Many types of filters exist. Ensure that your water filtration device is certified to remove lead or call the Cook County Public Health Department at (708) 633-8054 if you have questions.
  • If you suspect your child has been exposed to lead, contact your child's doctor to have their blood tested.

More information can be found at the American Water Works Association and the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Charles Dryer—Director of Public Works


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