Snow Plowing & Street Cleaning

Village Snow Plowing Guidelines:

  • Vehicles should be removed from the street after a snowfall of 2” or more (so snow plows can effectively reach the entire width of the street for snow removal).
  • It is impossible to avoid pushing snow into private driveways when plowing. To avoid frustration, please wait until Public Works has cleared the roadway of snow before finishing the end of your driveway. (The Village will not clear snow from private driveways).
  • To avoid injury, teach youngsters to stay a safe distance away from the edge of the roadway to avoid contact with the snowplow.
  • Do not deposit snow into the street as it may freeze and cause a danger to drivers and emergency responders.
  • Set your garbage cans away from the roadway on snow days (after snowfall of 2” or more); remember to retrieve cans as soon as they are emptied to avoid clutter.
  • Inspect your curbside mailbox for proper construction and placement away from the curb. Posts should be of 4’ X 4” durability and strength. (The Village is not liable for mailboxes damaged during snow plowing).


Street Sweeping Schedule:

Click here to download the most recent street sweeping schedule.

Charles Dryer—Director of Public Works


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