Help keep storm grates clear of debris

Help the Village prevent flooding in our community:

  • During the fall and the spring, seeds and leaves fall just as quickly as the storm grates can be cleaned.
  • The Village is asking that you please remove debris around the storm grates closest to your home to provide the best possible storm water drainage for your neighborhood.
  • This is especially important in the event of a heavy rainfall. Large amounts of debris blocking sewage drains. can lead flooding and harmful pollution from water runoff.

Polluting Storm Sewers is a Crime:

  • Residents caught dumping pollutants into municipal storm sewers can now be fined up to $750. Anyone caught pouring oil, grease, paint, chemicals, trash, fertilizers, or other pollutants into the storm sewer system will be ticketed and severely fined.
  • The purpose of the ordinance is to protect the municipal storm water system and the environment. Everything that goes into storm drains winds up in our creeks, streams and lakes, which then become polluted.
  • The ordinance gives Public Works employees the authority to conduct inspections, surveillance and monitoring procedures, and also to issue tickets carrying heavy penalties.
  • Public Works has the ability to trace back where pollutants originated. Village officials ask the public’s help in identifying violators. Residents who witness someone pouring pollutants into the sewer system are asked to immediately call the Public Work Department at (708)335-9600, Ext. 200.

Charles Dryer—Director of Public Works


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