Tree Planting

Buy a tree; Village plants it for free!

Hazel Crest’s annual Fall Tree Planting Program allows residents to buy a tree through the Village and have it planted by Public Works for free—but only along a homeowner’s parkway.

The Village no longer offers the option to have Public Works plant the tree in any part of the yard. Only parkway planting is free. If a resident wishes to purchase a tree for planting somewhere other than the parkway, the Village will only deliver the tree. The resident is responsible for moving the tree to the desired location and planting it. If the homeowner is planting the tree, please call J.U.L.I.E. (811 or 800-892-0123) so that utility lines can be marked before digging.

Applications to purchase a tree through the Village must be completed and returned with payment to the Municipal Center. A notice will be posted on the Village’s Cable Channel HCTV4 when tree packets are available for pickup at the front desk of the Municipal Center. For more information about the program, call 335-9600, Ext. 200.


Tree Trimming and Tree Planting

To request tree trimming or removal services please fill out of these two forms below:

Tree Trimming Form

Tree Removal Form

Charles Dryer—Director of Public Works


Contact Us:

708-335-9600 ex. 200

3601 W. 183rd Street Hazel Crest, IL, 60429


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