Village of Hazel Crest Department of Public Works

Weather TIPS FAQ:

Q: What to do to prevent pipes from freezing?

A: Turn-up heat in your home and open cabinets where pipes are located to allow heat to get to the pipes. You can also leave water trickling from faucets to avoid freezing.

Q: How to prevent the reoccurrence of plowing my driveway?

A: We understand your concern regarding the snow plow sending snow into your already shoveled driveway. This is not done intentionally, however the snow plow must move at a certain speed to effectively push the snow. Our goal is to ensure the streets are clean and safe for travel. If possible, we suggest waiting until after street is plowed before shoveling your driveway. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Q: When are cul-de-sacs and alleys plowed?

A: Immediately after a snow event, our priority is to ensure main thoroughfares are passable and safe for travel, with priority road access given to our first responders. Next, we ensure the sidewalks and parking lots maintained by the Village are clear of snow. Alleys and certain cul-de-sacs are addressed next.

Q: Why does it look like plow trucks are traveling too fast?

A: Plow trucks must travel at a speed fast enough to move the snow. Snow can be wet and heavy, so plow trucks need a certain amount of momentum to effectively push the snow. Plow truck drivers are not to exceed posted speed limits and must prioritize safety first.

If you have any questions, please call: (708) 335-9600, ext. 200.