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Hazel Crest’s Solar Energy Resources  


       Getting Started with Solar


Welcome to the Village of Hazel Crest’s solar resource webpage. Hazel Crest is seeking ways to encourage solar energy development in our community. This webpage represents a collection of solar information and resources for the community. For more information about the basics of solar energy, your solar options, and questions to ask solar professionals, read the Residential Consumer Guide to Solar Power and visit the Department of Energy’s Homeowner’s Guide to Going Solar.


Policies and Processes

The Hazel Crest Department of Building & Inspection Services is committed to exceptional customer services as it relates to solar processes. The following resources provide information about the permitting, inspection, and zoning process for solar energy in Hazel Crest.


Solar Benefits


Solar energy uses a renewable energy source – the sun – and provides many benefits for individuals and the community. It improves environmental quality by reducing carbon emissions and air pollution, supports local solar companies in Illinois, saves money on energy costs as the price continues to drop from technological developments, and improves electric grid resilience during peak demand and other stresses to the system.


Solar Maps and Potential

Investigate your property’s solar potential by clicking here. You can also estimate the performance of potential PV projects using the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s PVWatts Calculator.


Estimated Rooftop Solar Potential for Hazel Crest


Finding a Contractor and Going Solar


Find a solar contractor (or two) to assess your home for solar energy and provide a quote.

  • Certified practitioners can be found through NABCEP.
  • Visit EnergySage to learn about solar energy and submit for solar quotes from a network of pre-screened, local solar installers
  • Consumer Solar Checklist – a checklist for residential consumers considering solar energy from IREC, the Interstate Renewable Energy Council.







Financing, Incentives, and Tax Exemptions


Typically solar installations are paid for through loans or cash, with Federal and State incentives available.



Solar Rights and Procedures


The Illinois Homeowners' Solar Rights Act protects home owner's rights to install solar panels, and the amendments passed in July 2021 make it easier for people in home owner associations to go solar.


Solar Job Training and Career Opportunities


  • Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA) offers industry-leading professional training for solar PV, solar thermal, and small wind systems.  Both online and in-person courses are available year-round.
  • Solar Training Academy is a series of weekend classes providing students with industry-leading solar technical training. Topics include photovoltaic (PV) fundamentals, PV site assessment practices, and design principles and considerations.
  • The Energy Fair, organized by MREA, is the longest-running event of its kind and brings over 10,000 attendees together to learn about clean energy and sustainability.